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In United States today

US since 1973: Roe vs Wade

By Planned Parenthood since 1970
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By Planned Parenthood this year

United States this Year

US this Year after
16 weeks gestation

US this Year due to rape
or incest

Black babies since '73 in US

Worldwide since 1980

Worldwide this Year

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Worldwide Today

Look around you. The bizarre, unprecedented plague of rampant murder in the USA today, the plague that is taking hundreds of thousands of people, is this nation reaping what we the people have sown. The next time you see inexplicable murder, remember this warning

Idea suggested by Jonathan O'Toole

Statistics accumulated by the Guttmacher Institute and others.

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This is how true abortion abolitionists plan to abolish legalized abortion or die trying. People who reject this strategy are merely pro-lifers by another name. Abortion Abolitionists DO NOT keep doing the same things over and over again if they have failed to abolish legalized abortion. They try new things: things like this:

Support the KKK: Abort Black Babies

It has always been the willingness to die fighting legalized abortion that has separated the abortion abolitionists from the pro-life movement. And the pro-life movement has been the one to make sure that separation remained intact. All you have to do to see my point is examine how the pro-life leaders have responded to the people who have put their lives on the line to fight legalized abortion: the pro-life movement has had them literally excommunicated like they did the Rev. Paul Hill.

"Pro-life" and the "pro-life movement" have always been misnomers if names are supposed to accurately label the things they stand for. To be logically true to the name "pro-life" one would be required to refuse to destroy any form of life for any reason at any time. Like the Hindu sect in India, people would be assigned to go before us sweeping ants and other creatures from our pathway lest we step on them and act like we're not "pro-life".

Obviously the "pro-life" Christians have never even thought about being pro-life in that truthful sense of the logical meaning of the word. What the thing popularly known as the "pro-life" movement has actually been complaining about since 1973 is the legalization in the USA of abortion.

To clear up the confusion about names created by the "pro-life movement" we call ourselves abortion abolitionists because we are determined to abolish legalized abortion in this nation or die trying.

Abortion Abolitionists and pro-lifers have totally different goals. Listen closely and you will see that the "pro-life movement" has become nothing more than the police of the abortion industry. Their end result is to ensure "safe and legal abortions" throughout this nation. Abortion Abolitionists hate abortions, even the "safe and legal" ones demanded by the pro-life movement. We don't ask people to be concerned about protecting mosquitos or bacteria or any from of life that attacks, or is prone to attack, people for predatory reasons. Abortion Abolitionists will do what is necessary to abolish abortion so that we can destroy laws that murder innocent people being made victims of predators, even if the predators are mothers who murder their own children.

So think about it, and if you decide you are an Abortion Abolitionist, please let us know who you are. As soon as you separate yourself from the confused and confusing "pro-life" movement who accomplishes nothing but the protection of "safe and legal abortions", you will immediately realize you are actually on the road to abolishing legalized abortion.

Why? Because you will be telling the truth about yourself and what you are about in this world. And, as the One we call Lord, King, and our God, said, "...the truth will make you free..." to abolish legalized abortion.

Abortion Abolitionist?
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If somebody tells you Paypal supports abortionists, tell them we all do. The only people in this nation who do not pay their money in taxes that the federal government passes on to abortionists are those either in prison for fighting legalized abortion or those living under a bridge who pay no taxes.

Are We For Real? We presently spend about $50 a day to advertise this web site in hopes of teaching people why legalized child sacrifice will stop in this nation or the nation will be destroyed. Without your help, we do not have the money to continue to try to reach people. Even if you contribute one dollar, we will spend it to advertise this site. That means we have a chance to find other abortion abolitionists. How can you claim to be an abortion abolitionist, yet refuse to help the people who helped you know who you are?



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This Issue Became The Subject of National Media and Law Enforcement Attention around the time of Paul Hill's Execution. To Try to Keep the Record Intact For Legal Self-Defense, We Publish It As an Integrated PDF document. For That Reason It Will Take Longer To Load into your browser than one of the articles above.

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Secession Is Civil Disobedience


See how Horsley for Governor Walks the Step by Step Road To Nullification of Abortion Laws

The Abortion Blues Band Practices In the Meantime (And it is a mean time.)

The Tactic Outlined Below is the Next Step Toward Nullification. If you are an Abortion Abolitionist, you will support it.

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The Defensive Interposition Statement: Will You Sign It?

I. We, the undersigned, proclaim that whatever force is legitimate to defend the life of a born person is legitimate to defend the life of a pre-born person.

II. Beginning at fertilization, the child in the womb is a person under the law of God.

III. We declare and reaffirm the design of our founding fathers that any, and all, of the governments of the several states, in obedience to God, are duty-bound to interpose to:

III. 1) Defend with force the lives of all innocent persons within the state;

III. 2) Refuse extradition of and otherwise grant refuge to any person adjudicated in the state by a jury of his peers to have legitimately defended the life of [an] innocent person[s] (for said action[s]);

III. 3) Organize state police and/or militia to resist, with the least amount of necessary force, any and all encroachments by federal police and/or military upon the natural right to life of innocent persons.

People report they are deterred from the "like" button because they are concerned the federal government will add them to a Watch List. Guess who is those peoples' Master. (Matthew 6:24)


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